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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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I?m not fully comprehending your comments and questions though my efforts are sincere. I?m wondering if you are confusing a portion of my my comments with another discussant so here?s my quick summary. If we get near to God?s presence we feel His holiness and our own inadequate efforts to reach up to Him. If we recognize that and confess our misguided efforts and mistakes he provides the perfect sacrifice and reconnection (original sin through His Son. If we ?die to self and accept God?s solution we trust His Word and are ?born again as children into His kingdom and are indwelled with the Holy Spirit (third person of the Godhead?Trinity). We are admonished to grow and wean ourselves from the ?milk of the Word (only receiving doctrine but without growing up to service to a more mature son or daughter doing God?s will but not reaching perfection (rather taking on the cloak of righteousness of Jesus). Ultimately we die a physical death and find ourselves in the presence of God in a throng of other resurrected people and ?heavenly host (OK that last sentence condenses a LOT and central to a lot of doctrinal disagreement but trying for ?big picture here). We will probably be similar to God in many ways and I think we will be granted ?many secrets of the universe but will never be equal to God or (in my view the equivalent of ?little gods in the sense that we would ever compete for sovereignty. All this from a kingly or ?feudal perspective that was prevalent at the time of writing and translation and I sometimes wonder how the Bible would read if it only had to speak to people living in 2018.

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