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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

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LOL, yes you published to a site that anyone can submit DIRECTLY to, that has step by step instructions on how to do it, and you used Wikipedia commons content, and fairly common opinions that are basically uncontroversial in the BIBLICAL HISTORY field that you probably also looked up on wiki, about A BOOK OF THE OLD TESTAMENT. Internal Biblical, different animal than history in general, in the first place, but never mind that. Your profile readily admits you are nothing but a rank amateur, with no training beyond your own interest in, basically, again, predominately biblical history, and you can't even get that right on Niceae. Your compensation for that august submission? You became eligible for some free books. Professionally published, just like publishing to Wikipedia, it's not, lol, not by a mile, though the graphics are better, I grant you. You just get more entertaining as this train wreck of your own ego goes on. AND you have a blog, with THIRTY THOUSAND HITS a year! By internet standards, I hate to break it to you, pretty pathetic. One entry in a search engine on any number of terms will get you that, but I'm sure you can rationalize that in your mind as a real ego booster. I've been honest about who I am, while you put on airs that are frankly, laughable. At this point, I'm just going to quit replying directly to you and your oversized head, and post evidence on the issues already covered that you ineptly contest. If anyone goes to the link I gave about the controversy in the church over Arius and his allies, they will find that Constantine himself took a personal interest in it, tried to solve the split, sent several letters and at least one personal envoy to try to heal the rift, exiles were affected for major players in the controversy, etc. but it continued growing, and in the end, possibly on the advice of one of his failed envoys, convened the council of Nicaea largely with the PURPOSE OF healing the growing schism in the church, and what this esteemed historian I had the bad judgement to entertain seriously, briefly, calls inconsequential, a laughing matter, was a growing problem for the church.that CONSTANTINE, anyway, considered quite serious. Let me say here, again, I never subscribed to the argument he accuses me of. I feign no interest in the validity of Arius's opinions. He has continually presented me as holding opinions he got off a blog site I never visited, and things from it I never posted, and my sole objection on this point is his mangling of what is, obviously, real church history. Here's the link again, for anyone willing to spend a few minutes to see how credible this, frankly, young kid, with a google, and an inordinate tendency toward laughing things off and deflection, really is. Yes, Arius WAS exiled, as part of the solution to a BIG problem this laughing professional historian takes lightly

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