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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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Anis creator..... Actually no.... Abraham did not have two wife's. He had one wife, and one slave. Back then it would be called a concubine ... In Europe they call that a mistress... Is it a adultery... Generally Yes.. However its important to take into consideration the circumstances....I believe Abraham true wife was having trouble getting pregnant... And so in order to carry on the seed and be a Father to the Nations, as God commanded he needed off spring. Their thoughts of marriage and procreation were different back then... So suggestively by scripture text, Abraham was getting desperate and the Egyptian slave ended up filling that role... This is where you get the off spring of Ishmael. Long story short even though Adultery was not enforced at that time... And was not a hardcore Jewish law, at lest not for the men... Ishmael became the oldest son... And the one that would be vanished or exiled out of the family, because God got ear of this act of adultery, and their for vanished him and his mother. I gets pretty deep with that but that is a generalized look at it. I suppose one might say that might have been were the law of adultery started to take root theologically speaking.!

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"probably go to jail, probably not...."


you just lied about Bill Clinton.


I thought you said they didn?t have to die.


"Right to work" = right for lower pay


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Yahweh, like all Gods, wants slaves.


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